For over a decade, Axiom Precision Manufacturing has been partnering with companies operating across the Medical Device Industry.


Axiom’s broad capacity and range of capabilities enables us to produce a variety of medical device parts for an evolving industry. 

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has also required us to work collaboratively with our Medical Device customers to adapt swiftly to the changing requirements of the environment.


What Axiom can offer

Our team have worked across a range Medical Device projects, including delivery of:

  • Implant components, including bone plates and nails
  • Dental implant components
  • Eye & laser surgery machine components
  • Specialised surgical equipment
  • Medical testing equipment (hexapod robotic simulator)
  • Tooling and injection moulding for medical components, including sleep apnoea masks, syringe components, DNA sample test plates, and components for Micro-X; the mobile X-ray medical and security imaging system.

Our experience working with leading Medical Device companies assures we are a reliable partner for any project. 

Talk to us about your next project

For an individual component or complete electro-mechanical solution, our experienced team can help design and deliver your project to exacting specifications.