We offer our staff more than a job; we provide real-world career pathways with opportunities to grow, learn and succeed in a healthy, inclusive and welcoming environment.

Employee Wellbeing & Support

Axiom Precision Manufacturing is committed to assuring our staff are the best they can be. We believe work culture is paramount to the success of our business, and place a high emphasis on our employee’s wellbeing.

We have implemented a range of wellbeing initiatives and encourage feedback from our staff to support them in this area.

We encourage our  team to:

  • Set boundaries; work smarter, not harder, and make sure there is time to unwind.
  • Practice time management; organise time and tasks to avoid time ‘wastage’.
  • Take time off; holidays are not a luxury, they are a necessity for focus & wellbeing.

Axiom offers flexible work schedules to ensure that employees have a work/life balance that meets everyone’s needs.

Equal Opportunity

Axiom Precision Manufacturing believes Equal Opportunity delivers advantages to our business and workplace; treating people fairly has a positive impact on our staff and our customers, enhancing our reputation as an employer of choice.

We have built a work environment that is inclusive and supportive of all backgrounds and promote gender equality across all levels of the company.

Professional Development

Axiom Precision Manufacturing employees are exposed to new development opportunities, both internally and externally, to ensure every team member reaches the highest standards of success in their role.  Training our employees opens up opportunities to promote from within and allows for employee personal growth.



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