Axiom Precision Manufacturing was approached by a leading international Neurologist to assist in taking a revolutionary Autonomic Nervous System clinical electronic device, the Cold Glove, from prototype to small-scale production of working samples for testing. 


The Cold Glove is a device that helps regulate certain body processes, such as blood pressure and rate of breathing, which significantly decreases the risk of any permanent damage after injury.

A skilled international design team had finalised the design and produced a couple of successful prototypes when Axiom Precision Manufacturing were engaged. 


For this project, Axiom was tasked with arranging the manufacture of the structural housing for the Cold Glove, producing the machined components, sourcing the electronic componentry, and final assembly of 25 working units.

The units were assembled in Axiom’s designated assembly room that allows for full control of all environmental conditions to ensure assembly of a clean, quality-controlled unit. Post assembly, our team then performed various first-rate verification testing to the designer’s defined specifications.


The verified Cold Glove units were shipped to leading hospitals and specialists around the world for detailed performance evaluations.

This international project was a collaboration of scientists and designers from the United States, Germany and Australia. Axiom Precision Manufacturing’s global comprehension allowed for smooth transitions from design, to assembly, to integration.

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