1. Download and complete this Declaration form: F1202 – Axiom – Contractor Induction Declaration
  2. Read through the Contractor Induction Presentation
  3. Answer the questions in the Contractor Induction Questionnaire
  4. Click the link to finalise your Induction by uploading the declaration, copies of any licences/permits/etc, and any SWMS/JSA’s relevant to the work you complete at Axiom.






  • Complete the below Questionnaire after viewing the presentation
  • A score of 90% is required for successful completion
  • When you have successfully completed the Questionnaire – click the link to finalise your Induction




Contractor Induction Questionnaire

1. Prior to commencing work at Axiom what must a contractor provide?

2. What Health and Safety expectations does Axiom have of its contractors?

3. What is first thing that needs to be done when attending an Axiom worksite?

4. What two types of personal protective equipment are mandatory at both Wingfield andEdwardstown?

5. When working on plant and equipment Axiom expects contractors to comply with the following requirements;

6. You must not enter a confined space to carry out work unless:

7. Hot work activities can only occur at Axiom if:

8. Permits to work are required for:

9. You should consult with Axiom prior commencing any building works that may involve asbestos:

10. All electrical work undertaken at Axiom involving new or modified installations must be covered by:

11. Accidents and near misses need to be reported to the Axiom site contact:

12. A "serious injury” is one that:

13. Alcohol and drugs are permitted to be used on site under the following circumstances:

14. What type of behaviour will NOT be tolerated whilst at an Axiom worksite?

15. In the event of an emergency, you are required to do what?

16. Mobiles phones can only be used on site when;

Your score is


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