The Silvershield Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) Prevention project posed many obstacles for L3 Micreo. The capabilities at Axiom Precision Manufacturing meant we were able to secure reliable solutions for the project.


L3 Micreo required supply of large volumes of electronic heat sink enclosures, power supplies, mounting feet and enclosure lids. This equated to weekly deliveries of 1,000 units, totalling approx. 16,000 units over 16 weeks. 

This was comprised of high-level continuous management of the sourcing of materials, machining and packaging of the components. 

Axiom’s Project Management team were able to source large quantities of the billet and extruded material that was machined and thread inserted. Axiom also designed and built a high-pressure die-cast tool and enlisted a casting plant to produce trimmed cast heatsink components that were then machined and powder coated in a tight timeframe. 

All parts were then inspected, washed, packed and shipped in accordance with the compact delivery due date that L3 Micreo had outlined. 


Axiom Precision Manufacturing’s Project Management department prided themselves on their commitment to delivery and the outstanding reject rate from production workers which was below 1%.

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