When a local Adelaide start-up, Neomorph Mouthguards development process began to stall, it was recommended that Axiom Precision Manufacturing would have the expertise and capabilities to get their product development back on track. 


Neomorph’s mouthguards feature an innovative triple-layered design with a special internal layer that softens when exposed to heat to easily conform around the teeth for a custom fit, but then hardens to a semi-rigid structure, helping disperse the impact energy.

Whilst this system builds on the traditional ‘boil and bite’ style of mouthguard, it presented some very unique design and manufacturing challenges for Neomorph.

Axiom’s design team consulted with Neomorph to help develop and prototype the mouthguard to be as manufacture-friendly as possible, without compromising the specific design intent. Once the design was confirmed, Axiom enabled the manufacture of the Injection Mould Tooling necessary for the multi-stage moulding process. With tooling in hand, Axiom’s Moulding Department was ready to help Neopmorph bring their concept to fruition. 

Neomorph Mouthguards had determined the materials best suited to deliver their specific benefits, however their moulding temperatures were not compatible which meant they were extremely difficult to mould over one another. Further to this, the finished product not only had to function as intended, but also be aesthetically pleasing, with the special internal layer intact and visible through the water-clear external layers.


After many trials, fine-tuning, changes and a rework with the configuration of the moulding design, Axiom Precision Manufacturing was able to solve the unanticipated complications and begin full-scale production of the Neomorph Prodigy range. 

The team at Axiom continue to work closely with Neomorph Mouthguards to help adjust, improve and streamline the projection process. 

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