Axiom Precision Manufacturing were engaged by K-TIG to design, develop and manufacture a wire feed delivery system for their advanced robotic TIG welding system.

K-TIG is an Australian company who manufacture a high productivity TIG welding system known as Keyhole TIG.

Advanced technology and precision are critical characteristics of all K-TIG equipment, and their advanced robot TIG welding system will significantly reduce the cost of welding, thereby increasing profitability and ensuring Australian manufacturers are globally competitive.


K-TIG approached Axiom Precision Manufacturing with the task of producing the wire feed delivery system, a component that feeds wire to the melt pool of a robotic TIG welder. This is an advanced attachment for high precision, high productivity and high-speed welding. 

Axiom was tasked with the design and manufacture of products that conform to the specified function, weight and adjustability required of the system. 

Axiom’s design team worked closely with K-TIG, and created a prototype of the design which contained small intricate components. 

Multiple CNC machines were utilised to manufacture parts for the assembly. Each part was verified by the quality inspection team to ensure perfect fitment. Through the prototyping process, adjustments and substitutes were made, enabling us to ensure the product was to a high standard and fit for purpose. 


In this instance, prototyping allowed for a more accurate manufacturing process with minimal inaccuracies or faults. Axiom Precision Manufacturing was able to supply a fully functional wire feeder head that exceeded the clients’ expectations. 

Axiom’s design team have continued to work with K-TIG on this project to make modifications and improvements before starting the production of the wire feed delivery system, and the success of this project has led to a strong,  working relationship.

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