BAE Systems works closely with the Australian Defence Force to provide complex solutions for the aerospace, land and sea domains. Axiom Precision Manufacturing has a long-lasting relationship with BAE Systems Australia through projects relating to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. 


Axiom was contracted to assist BAE Systems in the manufacturing of both semi-finished and finished components out of forged and billet titanium parts that are assembled into the Vertical Tail of the F-35. 

Due to the critical high precision CNC machining, and the timeframe for completing a single part, Axiom has been able to support BAE by machining a large quantity of the project to meet their required deadlines. 


At a high conformance and production rate, Axiom’s team has been able to deliver parts aligned to critical deadlines since 2015. These parts consist of four semi-finished and four finished parts that follow multiple operations, as well as different surface treatments and painting specifications.

Axiom achieved this by utilising six different CNC machines, consisting of both 3 & 5 Axis machines, providing the required capacity to meet the annual aircraft lot requirements.

Based on Axiom’s continued on-time delivery and reliability of high quality parts, Axiom continues to work closely with BAE Systems.

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