Axiom Crew helps a Mate.

Long serving and hardworking Axiom team member Tony was in a spot of bother. His beautiful wife Sandy has been unwell for some time now and was keen to see their front yard tidied up. Tony had made steady progress on one side of the yard but 2 weeks ago he dropped a railway sleeper on his foot. It wasn’t pretty with swelling, broken bones and heavy bruising it was shaping up as slow going on the front yard “Bring in the Axiom Team”

Led by Sam & Jim Grose and with the help of Heath and his digger the Axiom Team swung into action last Saturday morning. There was dirt, tree stumps, shovels & rakes all over the place but when the dust  settled there was 2 rows of new plants & fresh  mulch the length of the driveway and smiles all-round.

Hard work needs to be rewarded so a BBQ, cold drinks and a chat finished the day off nicely.

Before, during and after shots below.





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