Axiom Precision Manufacturing has a long history of manufacturing for the automotive industry and is proud of the achievements and successes within this time. For over 30 years the business has been undertaking high and low volume machining, tooling, injection moulding and in the last decade, has transitioned to manufacturing aftermarket automotive components. During the peak of Australian vehicle manufacturing, the company was a tier 1 supplier to Toyota, Harley Davidson, Ford Australia and USA, Mitsubishi, GM Australia and USA. Manufactured components for these leading brands included assemblies and sub-assemblies for steering, engines, suspension and wheel hubs.

Axiom Precision Manufacturing manufactures and exports A class injection moulds to automotive customers globally. Producing lens lighting moulds is a highly specialised process and many moulds were produced for notable companies including Hella Australia, GM Brazil, Ford USA and Lumotech in South Africa. The 8 moulding machines at the Edwardstown facility range from 9t through to 1,250t with 2 shot or 2 colour capability.

Aftermarket automotive is currently a bustling area of business and vast capabilities are held in this market; manufacturing everything from numberplate surrounds to billet machined engine blocks. Low volume tooling and moulding is complemented with an experienced design team, who work with the customer to bring products to life.